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Estate and Construction

Estate and construction is one of the main fields of business at Barry. Its services range from estate development, project financing, project construction, estate rental and general property management. Barry has provided legal services to every stage of the process in legal estate and construction work. A legal planning service has been offered to hundreds of large-scale real estate projects in a standardized and professional manner. Lawyers at Barry are familiar with private, state-owned and foreign-funded real estate enterprises. Involved in the estate field of Barrys property types including residential, commercial, office, hotel, leisure facilities and various supporting property.


The Estate business scope:

Risk analysis and risk assessment in legal plan for real estate projects

Draft and establish standards, norms and unified legal filing system which is required for the development of business on real estate

Real estate project planning

The tendering, auctioning, and listing off of the right to use the land

Land requisition and housing levies

Project planning

Cooperation and transfer, mergers and acquisitions of projects

Business cooperation and management of the hotel

Financing and the trust of the real estate project

Legal services for project construction, government approval, rental, mortgage, property management, taxation and others


The Construction Business Scope:

Internal management and risk control of construction enterprises

The planning of construction engineering

Process control of engineering system

Review, negotiation and performance management of engineering contract

Examination of the engineering file about tendering and bidding

Handling complaints and objections during time of engineering, tendering and bidding 

Identification, evaluation and control of engineering legal risks

Treatment of engineering quality accident and safety accident

The engineering cost control and project settlement

Change, approval, visa of engineering

Contract of international engineering

Insurance, claim, counterclaim of engineering

BT project of construction engineering  

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