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Corporate law is one of Barrys traditionally core areas of legal business expertise. Our lawyers have had experience representing multinational companies, big and small, private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, as well as government officials. Particularly in mergers and acquisitions, and the restructuring of transaction settlements, Barry lawyers have a deep understanding of the business interests of all parties involved. The legal perspective on commercial, financial, tax and corporate strategy provide an integrated and creative framework to help with any category of legal question.


The Corporate Business Scope:

Development of a scheme for company establishment

Company registration services, including the drafting of the shareholders' agreements, partnership agreements, articles of association and other legal documents

Merger and separation of company

Equity structure design and optimization

Corporate governance

Option plan

Labor relations management

Company restructuring

Company dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation

As perennial legal counsel, to provide real-time, efficient service for the daily operation of enterprises


The Mergers and Acquisitions Business Scope:

Legal due diligence investigation

Mergers and acquisitions proposed restructuring proposals

Comprehensive legal, tax, financial, administrative licensing

Participation in the design and optimization of the structure and trading scheme involved in mergers and acquisitions

Mergers of enterprises of all kinds of system or mechanism design

Provides advice about the arrangement of control right and corporate governance optimization

The drafting and review of all transaction documents

Participation in commercial negotiations

For approval, license, registration, filing and antitrust review as well as other kinds of government matters to provide advice and assistance for various procedures

Assist mergers and acquisitions delivery  

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